Beavercraft S15 Whittling Wood Carving Kit

The blade of a knife is generally considered the most important feature, but the handle greatly affects the balance, weight, and durability of the knife. It is also the part of the knife most responsible for comfort and can contribute to hand fatigue. Whittling knife handles often are made of wood, plastic, or stainless steel. Looking at the Wille Sundvqist books, you start with a known quality and it evolves to fit your style. It started life as a two-blade folding Barlow, was sharpened on convenient stones ; lost its red plastic scales, the large blade.

whittling knife sets

There are a variety of carving methods as well as woods to choose from and knowing which ones to use depends on the project at hand. The simple and beautiful art of woodcarving is adapted for children of all ages in this introduction to coaxing shapes and figures from solid blocks of wood. Requiring only a few tools and some inspiration, the projects in this collection are perfectly suited to building the skills it takes to work with wood. The term “whittling” evokes pleasant images of bygone days, when old-timers relaxed with knife and wood in front of the general store.

The BeaverCraft Store Wood Carving Tools Set For Spoon Carving has all you need to carve your wood dream projects. It consists of a leather and polishing compound, detail knife, cutting knife, roughing knife, and tools roll that may conveniently be used to store your wood carving knife set. Whittle some magic into your life with this best whittling knife sets BeaverCraft Whittling Kit. It’s the ideal set for beginners, as it includes everything you need to get up and running in the wizarding world of whittling. The kit contains a wood carving knife, three basswood blocks and three leather strops for sharpening as well as a pattern you can follow to bring a little wooden wizard to life.

If you want to make these types of wood carvings you will really achieve the best results with a hook knife to make the smooth hollowed out edges. Note that hook knives are made in left and right-handed versions. Like most folks who decide to invest in a decent whittling knife or even a complete set of whittling knives, I had been whittling casually for years. Ever since my days as a Boy Scout, I can recall sitting around the campfire at the end of the day carving sticks and larger wood pieces into various designs like spears and small animals. The Old Timer 240T Splinter Carvin’ 6 Folding Knife is a good choice for whittlers who would prefer to own a single tool for an array of whittling projects.

Handmade High Carbon Steel Forged Blade 4 Pcs Knife Set

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Carbon affects a variety of properties in steel when heat treated in different ways. As the carbon percentage content rises, steel can become harder and stronger through heat treating but that means it becomes less ductile. Below are the steel properties you should be concerned with in regards to wood carving. Ultimately the style of whittling knife you choose to work with will come down to personal preference. There are pros and cons of each and everyone has their own style of carving from how they hold the wood to how they hold the knife.

A knife blade’s material is almost as important as the shape and size. You will find that just about all blades meant for carving wood are made of carbon steel. Not at all, as I said above whittling is wood carving but done exclusively by a knife. Knives used for whittling have evolved and improved over time to be better wood carvers but as a general rule, wood carving knives and whittling knives are one and the same. I will note that I personally like to preface that some folks prefer figure carving and detailed carving and others stick to bushcraft whittling projects. The set comes in a bamboo storage box, which helps to protect the high carbon steel blades of the hook knife, sloyd knife, and detail knife from rust and corrosion.

Wood Carving Tools Set, Hook Carving Knife, Detail Wood Knife, Whittling Knife, Oblique Knife, 12 Pcs Chip Carving Knife Kit

Wafer-thin details along with some generous slicing are achievable with these blades and provide the basics to a successful whittling project. Similar to the Morakniv 120, the handle is oiled birch wood, allowing its user to form it to best suit their grip. The blade is made of durable laminated steel, tapering from the tang, which is a full tang, down to the point.

whittling knife sets

It is small enough to be a pocketknife, yet its size is versatile for several applications. Our company is dedicated to providing the very best quality products and service. We strive to be the best in the industry and innovate our products. It’s available in paperback, on Kindle and also as a spiral-bound book, too. This guide contains 24 easy-to-complete whittling designs and will take you through the step-by-step process of each by using both photos and descriptions to suit all types of learners.

However, you will have to get a second knife if you want a different blade shape or length. High quality carbon steel blades for accurate detailed cuts, plus soft wooden handles allow you to do the woodwork without feeling any hand fatigue. You don’t always have to invest in an overpriced Swiss knife. This wood carving knife from Winchester has pretty much the same level of functionality, plus you get an antique look brass handle. Overall, this is a solid knife and it can certainly be used for whittling. The hard steel makes this a better option for whittling than some more generic pocket knives.

However, these tools can certainly also be used for more general carving and whittling. Overall, having a set of tools specifically designed for whittling can get great results. At the same time, it’s always nice to have a regular knife on hand. The choice comes down to your preference, what is already in your toolset, and what you’re looking to add. Whittling tools explicitly designed to be used for whittling. These tools are generally designed to be small and precise, which allows for fine, detailed work to be done.

  • A super simple pocket knife, the Sentinel offers a slim and lightweight design with one lockable blade.
  • We have already gone over some of the most important aspects of whittling knives but there are a few more details that folks often overlook.
  • With a roughing, whittling, and chip wood carving knife, this set has the essentials you need.

The handle of the knife is made from durable beechwood that feels soft in your hand and has a curved tang at its end to give you a more secure grip. Stainless steel blades are a rust-resistant alternative to carbon steel. While stainless steel does not keep an edge as long as carbon steel or laminated steel, it costs less and doesn’t require as much maintenance.

Straightaway Rough Cutting

The blades on chip carving knives are specifically designed to make these intended chips. There are several different blades that are suited to making a variety of chips. You can make a bowl or concave chips, sweeping curve shaped chips in more with this style of a wood carving knife. With so many years working with wood crafts I have amassed an incredible amount of knowledge about wood carving knives and I am happy to pass that on. The Elemental Tools 9-Piece Wood Carving Tools Set offers a combination of tools for whittlers at various levels. The set includes three whittling knives, cut-resistant gloves, a polishing compound, a leather sharpening strop, and a beechwood spoon blank that you can use as soon as you open the set.


50 Easy Pumpkin Carving Ideas

You don’t have to stick with traditional holiday images, or a silly, scary jack-o-lantern face. Think of the pumpkin as a blank canvas, and create a masterpiece based on something a little more highbrow. A rendition of The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh elevates this pumpkin to a museum quality work of art. Create a design like this by scraping away the pumpkin’s outer shell rather than cutting a hole through it.

carving ideas

This site uses functional cookies and external scripts to improve your experience. Which cookies and scripts are used and how they impact your visit is specified on the left. Add a personal touch to your Christmas tree and carve yourself some Christmas ornaments. You can even share the holiday spirit and give some one-of-a-kind gifts for your family and friends to hang on their trees. ❗BEAUTIFUL BAMBOO STORAGE BOX❗ Keep your project organized and knives in place with our professional box.

Spider Web Pumpkin

From friendly faces to scary ghosts…be ready to welcome your party guests and trick-or-treaters with some creative carvings. Take a look at our Halloween pumpkin carving ideas to take your creativity to the next level. This angry pumpkin has teeth, pupils, and wobbly eyebrows that create a festive and spooky pumpkin. Use a pumpkin saw and our free pumpkin carving template to get the look for your front entryway this fall. Don’t forget to put a candle inside to illuminate the face.

Next, place a smaller gourd inside of it for a peekaboo surprise. If you’re feeling a little extra this Halloween season, take a larger pumpkin than your pumpkin head and carve out a skeleton torso! Cover the seam of the two together by adding a feather boa or a bow tie to complete the look. Take a faux pumpkin and turn it so the stem is facing to the side.

Whats Under The Pumpkin Face

Why not mash two classic Halloween symbols–a pumpkin and witch hat–with this fairly simple design? FYI, you can buy a printable PDF to help you out if you don’t want to freehand it. Mini pumpkins dyed with food coloring are adorable when arranged on a cake plate.

carving ideas

After all, the foliage is one of the prettiest parts of fall. Add homespun charm to your decor with our tepee and campfire cross-stitched pumpkins. Turn your carved pumpkin into a ring toss game that will be a fun activity for the whole family. After the passage of the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act in 1938, Assistant Secretary of Agriculture Rexford Tugwell sought to promote a government grading system. The Hearst Corporation opposed the policy in spirit, and began publishing a monthly tabloid attacking federal oversight.

Above, we carved an evil spider and used the stem to add even more spook. This design idea is perfect for an intermediate pumpkin carver who wants to celebrate the spookier side of Halloween. When choosing a pumpkin for this design, make sure you inspect them all, and choose one with a particularly grotesque stem. The best part about this spooky ghost pumpkin design is that it allows you to let your imagination run wild. Ghosts don’t have to be perfect – in fact, the creepier, less symmetric, the better.

  • Take a matte finish chalk paint and coat your pumpkin until it’s completely dry.
  • For skull, trace plastic Halloween eyeballs on a small white pumpkin; hollow inside traced circles with melon baller, push eyeballs into holes, and then carve a mouth.
  • Start with a simple pattern and chip away the wood pieces with a chip carving knife.
  • If you have nut-free or gluten free candy at your house be sure to paint one of your pumpkins a teal color and display it proudly on your front porch.

Have grand dreams of creating the perfect Halloween playlist, hosting a scary movie marathon, and making carved pumpkins that rival the Mona Lisa? Sounds lovely—until the spookiest day of the year inevitably creeps up on you. For this design, just buy a glowing skull decoration, carve a hole in the front of your pumpkin, and place the skull inside. The more skilled carver can try carving hands gripping the prison bars, but this is optional. This “melting witch” is accompanied by carved pumpkin “fingers” that require more advanced carving techniques.

Good Housekeeping

Cut a hole in the bottom instead of the top, and clean out the insides. Gently tap the cutter with a rubber mallet until it pushes through the skin. Then simply place each pumpkin over a small candle, and enjoy the ghoulish glow. Carving intricate, symmetrical designs on your pumpkins, like the ones shown here, is easier than you think. While free handing often leads to spacing issues and lopsided designs, templates offer a pre-planned, foolproof way to carve pumpkins. Around the Halloween season, Kits are available everywhere–from dollar stores to high-end kitchen shops–but really, you do not need a kit.

Accompany this look with some carved or painted eyes and a black hat to finish off the festive design. Did your pumpkin’s mouth come out crooked or your design was silly rather than scary? Practically any amateur carving mistake can be covered up with Halloween props. Stuff your jack-o’-lantern’s mouth with fake body parts, paint its guts blood-red, and glue on spooky accessories to create a more gruesome effect. This one calls for two pumpkins — one large and one small — to create a carnivorous display.