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Savage really love: advice about a bi-guy who’s stressed about gay-hookup heritage

Savage really love: advice about a bi-guy who’s stressed about gay-hookup heritage

Dan Savage advice numerous query on many techniques from condoms into so-called lack of the market leading guys

I’m a cis bi guy my personal 40s who willn’t have countless experience in some other guy. I’m gladly partnered to an amazing girl you never know I’m bi, although we’re currently monogamous, we’ve mentioned cracking open points awake sooner or later. If that starts, I’d want to flippantly hook up with men now and then, but I’m only a little anxious about gay-hookup traditions.

1. would certainly a large number of lads write off me personally that they are bi or partnered? I assume biphobia way more of something while searching for a relationship, versus a hookup, but I dunno.

2. easily satisfy some guy and we’re attending bang, will it be unusual to carry all the way up condoms? I am sure: I shouldn’t hesitate to inquire of to use a condom, of course individuals can not esteem that, i ought ton’t screw him. I’m maybe not i won’t. But will a lot of men be somewhat amazed, especially with preparation today?

3. On that note, must I inquire my favorite health care provider about PrEP when all i would like is a really occasional fuck (perhaps from time to time one year) with an individual I’ve vetted and faith concerning their HIV-negative or undetectable position? I have to be risk-free, but We don’t wish put surplus medications in my looks.

4. Is the “top dearth” I’ve check out once or twice a proper thing? Are a variety of males purely tops or underside?

5. and is particularly around anything i ought to determine before hopping on apps?

– Curious About Navigating Brand-new Domains Before Involving

1. There are several biphobic homosexual men nowadays, WANNABI, but I gotta state, there are many more biphobes inside the right community.